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Course Information

Course Description

The course reviews challenges in the leadership of high-technology organizations at the senior technical management level. Using leadership and organizational behavior theories and practices in conjunction with critical thinking, the student will explore topics that include: senior technical leader roles and responsibilities in relation to ethics, leadership style, motivation, and performance of top management teams. The student will also evaluate leading change, communications and organizational relationships, and the potential effects organizational design and processes play in influencing leader behavior. The student will assume the role of a senior technical leader dealing with typical leadership problems in rapidly changing environments.


EN.595.662 Technical Organization Management (or EN.595.661 Technical Group Management or EN.595.663 Technical Personnel Management)

Course Goal

To develop insights into senior technical leadership roles and leadership responsibilities and then apply that knowledge to analyze various leadership scenarios, define one’s leadership style, demonstrate the use of critical thinking, and developing an integrated 10-year personal and professional strategic plan.

Course Objectives

  • Differentiate between various leadership theories based on strength, criticism, and application.

  • Demonstrate mastery of the basic tenants of organizational behavior theory and practices. 

  • Synthesize your introspection of select leadership theories in an oral presentation.

  • Write an integrated 10-year personal and professional strategic plan.

When This Course is Typically Offered

This course is offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.


  • Senior Technical Leadership, Managing Behavior and Critical Thinking
  • Senior Technical Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Vision, Strategic Thinking and Power Oriented Behavior
  • Leadership Styles
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Motivating Individuals, Job Satisfaction, & Decision Making by Individuals and Groups
  • Leading Work Groups and Teams
  • Leadership Style: Developing Your Leadership Potential
  • Role of Senior Technical Leadership in Strategic Planning
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Leading and Managing Change
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Effective Organization Communications and Managing Conflict
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Building Effective Organizational Relationships
  • Senior Technical Leadership: Designing Effective Organizations
  • Final Paper - Integrated 10-year Personal and Professional Strategic Plan

Student Assessment Criteria

Individual Scenario Assignments 20%
Group Assignment 20%
Mid-term (Leadership Self-Reflection Paper) 20%
Final Paper (Integrated 10-year Personal & Professional Strategic Plan) 20%
Class Participation 20%

All individual homework assignments are due within one week of its assignment. All group assignments are due as noted in the course outline.  There is a penalty for late submissions. It is assumed that graduate students are adept at writing English and no points will normally be subtracted for English and grammar errors; in cases of exceptionally poor English and grammar points will be deducted. All external sources of information used to support must be appropriately referenced.

Computer and Technical Requirements

This course is one of the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals courses offered online. The computer system and software requirements can be found at

Participation Expectations

This course will consist of seven basic student requirements:

  1. Weekly reading and writing assignments.

  2. Active participation in classroom discussions and in assigned group assignments.

  3. Completing assigned Leadership Assessments.

  4. Individual oral leadership presentation of mid-term paper.

  5. Recorded group presentation.

  6. Listening to Office Hour recordings if not in attendance.

  7. Academic honesty and respecting the views of other learners and instructors is expected.


Textbook information for this course is available online through the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore.

Course Notes

There are no notes for this course.

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Course Text Information: Author NORTHOUSE Title Leadership: Theory and Practice Edition 9 TH

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