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Mehran Armand

Work Phone: 410-516-2352

Course Information

Course Description

This course introduces the basic concepts and tools used to analyze the kinematics and dynamics of robot manipulators. Topics include kinematic representations and transformations, positional and differential kinematics, singularity and workspace analysis, inverse and forward dynamics techniques, and trajectory planning and control. Prerequisite(s): The course project and assignments will require some programming experience or familiarity with tools such as MATLAB.

Course Goal

To introduce the most important concepts in kinematics and dynamics of robot manipulators and to provide students with knowledge and tools to develop mathematical models of the kinematics and dynamics of the industrial manipulators.

Course Objectives

  • Develop methods to represent basic geometric aspects of robotic manipulation.

  • Develop methods to represent and analyze dynamic aspects of robotic manipulation.

When This Course is Typically Offered

Each fall semster at Dorsey Center


  • Introduction to robotics, course outline, linear algebra.
  • Rotations
  • Composition Rotations, Euler angles, Row-pitch-yaw.
  • Euler parameters, Homogeneous transformations
  • Forward kinematics
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Skew symmetric matrices, Angular velocities: general and fixed axis cases
  • Kinematics: Derivation of Jacobian, Singularities
  • Dynamics: Euler Lagrange equations
  • Properties of equation of motions
  • Newton-Euler equations

Student Assessment Criteria

Homework (6 assignments) 30%
Mid-term Exam (In-Class) 30%
Final Exam (In-Class) 40%

Each homework is due within two weeks of its assignment. Late homework will not be accepted without the prior permission of the instructor.

Computer and Technical Requirements

Basic skills with Matlab or any other programming language

Participation Expectations

There will be six homework sets, each due two weeks after it is assigned. The in-class exams will be open-notes exams. Forming study groups is encouraged.


Textbook information for this course is available online through the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore.

Course Notes

There are no notes for this course.

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