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Raid Awadallah

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Course Information

Course Description

Maxwell's equations are derived and applied to the study of topics including electrostatics, magnetostatics, propagation of electromagnetic waves in vacuum and matter, antennas, wave guides and cavities, microwave networks, electromagnetic waves in plasmas, and electric and magnetic properties of materials.


Knowledge of vector analysis, partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, and intermediate electromagnetics.

Course Goal

The course will emphasize the foundations of classical electrodynamics including the derivation of Maxwell's equations, discussion of topics such as static and time-varying fields in free space and constituent media, conservation laws, and gauge invariance, through the solution of problems that illustrate these topics.

Course Objectives

  • On completion of this course, students should have an appreciation for classical electromagnetic theory and the ability to apply the general mathematical techniques learned in the course to the solution of more practical problems that may be encountered during their career.

When This Course is Typically Offered

This course is usually offered in the spring semester of each academic year at the JHU/APL campus.


  • Electrostatics (free-space and material media)
  • Solution of Poisson and Laplace equations
  • Magnetostatics (free-space and material media)
  • Maxwell's equations and time-varying fields
  • Conservation laws
  • Gauge invariance
  • Fields from moving point charges
  • Radiation
  • Special relativity

Student Assessment Criteria

Final exam 40%
Mid-term exam 30%
Homework 30%

Computer and Technical Requirements

Students should have a good knowledge of vector calculus and differential equations as well as undergraduate-level physics.

Participation Expectations

Homework problems will be assigned each week and collected at the beginning of the next class period. The solutions will then be discussed. The weekly homework will be graded with the main goal of determining whether the students are completing the assignments and also their degree of understanding. For most students, completion of the homework each week will be necessary in order to do well on the mid-term and final exams. Usually, both of these exams will be given in class during the week before mid-term break and the final class period, respectively.

Solutions to the homework assignments, exams, and other pertinent information (including text book information) will be posted on a class web page that I have have set up for this purpose. This page may be accessed at the address:


Textbook information for this course is available online through the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore.

Course Notes

There are no notes for this course.

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