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Eleanor Chlan

Cell Phone: 443-955-9319

Course Information

Course Description

This course emphasizes the relationships between certain mathematical structures and various topics in computer science. Topics include set theory, graphs and trees, algorithms, propositional calculus, logic and induction, functions, relational algebra, and matrix algebra. Prerequisite(s): Calculus is recommended. Course Note(s): Not for graduate credit. A mathematics course beyond one year of calculus is needed for admission to the Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or Data Science program. A course in either calculus or discrete mathematics is needed for admission to the Information Systems Engineering program. Students who lack this prerequisite can fulfill admission requirements by completing this course with a grade of B– or better.

Course Goal

To develop mathematical maturity for Students entering the Computer Science program and cover specific topics relevant to further study in Computer Science. Examples will be given to demonstate topic relevance.

Course Objectives

  • Learn and practice mathematical induction.
  • Learn basic set terminology and operations
  • Characterize and leverage mathematical relationships
  • Learn basic terminology and operations for trees and graphs

When This Course is Typically Offered

This course is typically offered in the spring, online.


  • Set theory
  • Logic
  • Formal Proofs
  • Induction
  • Functions
  • Matrix Theory
  • Relations
  • Graph Theory
  • Trees
  • Counting (optional)

Student Assessment Criteria

Projects 25%
Quizzes (lowest grade is dropped) - online 10%
Show and Tell 5%
Homework 20%
Collaborations 20%
interactive e-book 5%
Final Exam 15%

Students should expect to do the homework in order to do well in the course. Students will do proofs. Homework is assigned each week but is not graded. Do as many as you can and check your answers against the back of the book. A subset of the problems are to be turned in to be graded. 

Show and Tell - Explan the mathematical relevance of an everyday item to the class.


Textbook information for this course is available online through the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore.

Course Notes

There are no notes for this course.

Final Words from the Instructor

Puzzles will be used to illustrate concepts. An important aspect of the course will be to relate mathematical concepts to topics in Computer Science.  Students should obtain the textbook before the first class, as it will be used immediately.

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