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Iyengar Krishnan

Cell Phone: 240-421-1375

Course Information

Course Description

The Internet has hundreds of millions of users, is growing rapidly, and continues to evolve to accommodate an increasing number of voice, data, video, and imagery applications with diverse service requirements. Internet Protocol (IP) is the primary unifying protocol converging these applications and services over the Internet. The Internet’s evolution has been accompanied by exponentially growing traffic volume on the network infrastructure. Optical networks are ideally suited to carry such large volumes of traffic, and the next generation of optical networks will be optimized for delivery of IP services while providing capacity in the range of terabits per second in a scalable and flexible way to support services such as voice over IP (VoIP) and IP television (IPTV). This course provides an in-depth understanding of existing and emerging optical network technologies. Specific topics covered include basics of fiber optic communications, SONET, DWDM, optical Ethernet, FTTB, FTTH, optical wavelength switching, IP over optical networks, MPLS, and GMPLS. Additional topics that may be discussed include optical network standards, network control and management, static and dynamic service provisioning, optical network design, and future directions.


605.673 High-Speed Internet Architecture, Technologies, and Applications or permission of the instructor.;Foundation Prerequisites for Cybersecurity Majors:EN.605.621 AND EN.695.601 AND EN.695.641

Course Goal

To gain an in-depth understanding of existing and emerging optical networking technologies and demonstrate this understanding by solving analytical and numerical problems and participating in a group project that involves research on a selected topic on state-of-the-art optical network technologies and products.

Course Objectives

  • Develop an in-depth understanding, in terms of architecture, protocols and applications, of major optical networking technologies

  • Learn to solve numerical or analytical problems pertaining to the optical networking technologies

  • Identify suitable techologies to meet a given set of requirements

  • Develop necessary background to be able to perform projects involving optical network technologies

When This Course is Typically Offered

This course is typically offered in the Fall term at the APL Campus


  • Introduction to Optical Network Technologies
  • Single Mode and Multimode Fibers
  • DWDM
  • IP Over SONET and IP Over DWDM
  • MPLS
  • Midterm
  • Optical Wavelength Switching
  • Optical Network Security
  • Optical Network Management
  • Optical Packet Switching
  • Project Presentations
  • Final

Student Assessment Criteria

Homework 15%
Group Project 15%
Midterm 35%
Final 35%

Homework will involve analytical and numerical problems based on classroom discussions. Midterm will be closed book and notes. Final may be open book or take home.

Group project will be in groups of two or three students each and involve research into emerging optical network technologies and/or vendor products. Each group will develop a PowerPoint presentation of their project and present it to the class towards the end of the course.

Computer and Technical Requirements

WebCT, an online educational tool, will be used for class room instruction and students will be familiarized with course organization, navigation, and communication tools at the start of the course.

The lecture material will be available online on WebCT and can be downloaded and printed. Homework will be online and submitted through WebCT. The project will be developed through virtual collaboration in WebCT.

Participation Expectations

Students are expected to attend in-class lecture sessions regularly. There will be three sets of homework before midterm and three sets between midterm and final. Midterm will be in-class and will cover all material discussed from the start to midterm. Final may be open book/in-class or take home, and will cover all material discussed after midterm.

Students will be grouped in two or three per group. Each group will select one topic from a list of topics provided by the instructor. Each group will perform research and develop the project as a PowerPoint presentation. Instructor will provide guidance throughout the project.


Textbook information for this course is available online through the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore.

Course Notes

There are notes for this course.

Final Words from the Instructor

Optical Networking Technology is the focus of WAN service providers and networking product vendors.  Many commerical and Government organizations are migrating to optical LAN/MAN. While the technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, there are many challenges ahead. So this course will be valuable to networking profesisonals and IT managers as well as those interested in applied research.

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